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Stress Test

We’re all trying to BEAT THE CLOCK, Many of us feel the CLOCK is winning!

Do Any of These Sound Like You?

  • Burned out, stressed out, rundown and tired
  • Waste time in meetings
  • Out of balance; out of control
  • Procrastinate important things
  • Important relationships are in jeopardy
  • Others getting me down with negative attitudes
  • Come home beat and exhausted
  • Not achieving personal goals
  • Don’t get the recognition I deserve
  • Not enough time to relax and unwind
  • Feel trapped, stagnant, passed over
  • Not enough time for friends and personal development
  • Not enough money in my life; financial pressures
  • Need to spend vacation time unwinding
  • Experience some regrets about my life
  • New Year’s resolutions made and not realized
  • Rushed getting off to work in the morning
  • Not enough “goof-off” time
  • Frustrated with wheelspinning -not making progress -in a rut
  • Less satisfied with what I’m doing now than a few years ago
  • Too much to do; not enough time for family and me
  • Feel like I’m just drifting and life is passing me by
  • Signed up for an exercise program but didn’t stick to it
  • Feel overwhelmed; low morale and self esteem
  • In crisis management; putting out fires
  • Push off unpleasant tasks, miss deadlines and arrive late
  • Things are getting backed up
  • No clear vision of the future-waiting for next shoe to drop
  • Enjoy my days off more than my workweek
  • Have to work with an unreasonable boss
  • Don’t enjoy going to work on Monday
  • Always being told what to do – not enough freedom
  • Feel worried, guilty, depressed, tense and anxious
  • Feel indecisive – too many choices
  • Have to work through lunch, late and during time off
  • Spend time daydreaming; wish I were retired
  • Don’t accomplish things on time; rushed and under the gun
  • Feel I have to compromise too much
  • Interruptions are throwing me off the track
  • Too many priorities, often feel unprepared and pressured
  • Waste time in meetings

Are These Some of the Things You Want In Your Life?

  • Eliminate those feelings of burnout
  • Have more pleasure during the workweek
  • Reduced stress
  • Look forward to Mondays
  • Get a better night’s sleep
  • Reduce worry, guilt and tension
  • Enjoy more energy all day long
  • Enjoy time for a daily lunch break
  • Be more in balance every day
  • Get things done on time
  • Be more in control
  • Reduce interruptions
  • Enjoy a better quality of life
  • Control multiple priorities
  • Have more peace of mind
  • Reduce wasted time in meetings
  • Enjoy improved relationships
  • Get to the important things and get them done
  • Enjoy a clear, bright vision of the future
  • Improve personal motivation
  • Set and achieve more personal goals
  • Have more money; have less financial pressure
  • Enjoy more relaxation time
  • Be in command of my destiny
  • Spend more time with friends
  • Go to work refreshed and unhurried
  • Have more satisfaction with what I’m doing each day
  • Come home relaxed and energized
  • Improve personal morale
  • Have more time for family
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Have more time for me and what I want to do
  • Get rid of unpleasant tasks
  • Follow through on diets and succeed
  • Complete things ahead of schedule
  • Put an end to crisis management
  • Get everywhere on time
  • Stay on top of things
  • More personal freedom both on and off the job
  • Get more done in less time
  • Easier and more effective decision making

Your Total: 0

Here is what the results indicate:
0-5 You are 80% effective. Some minor adjustments would help.
5-15 You are 65% effective. Several improvements will make a big difference in your daily success.
16-20 You are 50% effective. You are missing out on half of your potential.
20+ You are 20% effective. So what are you going to do about it?

If your score is 12 or more, contact us to discuss a program that works for you!