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About Dr. Wetmore

Don Wetmore helps people get more accomplished in less time, achieve more personal satisfaction, focus on what’s essential, achieve balance, and experience more joy in their lives.

As founder of The Productivity Institute, Don’s expertise in time management and personal productivity is recognized by leaders and companies worldwide. Don’s programs, presentations and coaching have helped his clients to double their personal productivity both on and off the job, in less time and with less stress. The 2,000+ presentations he’s led for more than 100,000 people use humor, actionable strategies, and down-to-earth advice to help participants advance their lives.

His interviews and articles have been featured on USA Radio, ABC Radio, CBS Radio, Bloomberg Radio, The New York Times, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribute, Gannett Publications, Prentice-Hall publications, Computerworld, PBS, Federal Satellite Broadcasts, and the 700 Club. Don’s time management tips appear regularly in hundreds of newsletters. He’s hosted the cable TV program “It’s the Law” and is the author of “Beat the Clock.”

Don received his bachelor’s degree in accounting from Bentley College, his master’s degree in business administration from Babson College, and his Juris Doctor degree from Suffolk University Law School. He was a professor in the MBA program and has served as assistant professor of business law for the undergraduate and graduate divisions of Mercy College.

Don and his wife Nancy are the proud parents of four children, each of whom is an excellent time manager.