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What’s distracting your teams?

What personal habits or traits contribute to your team feeling overwhelmed? What interruptions are keeping them from doing their best work?

Don Wetmore’s dynamic, motivating onsite or online seminars help groups of all sizes get more done in less time and with less stress.

Often, we’re taught what to do and how to do it. Don also focuses on the WHY we must do it. And what behavior changes we need to make to achieve success.

Programs can run from one hour to three days. Don will coach your teams to achieve more and strike a healthy balance in their lives.

“Fight always for the highest attainable aim. But never put up resistance in vain”

Dr. Hans Selye, renowned psychologist and researcher on stress and human performance, as quoted in TIME

On-Site Seminars

We are pleased to design and deliver our Time Management and Personal Productivity Seminars On-Site at your location.

Don Wetmore, one of the leading experts in Time Management and Personal Productivity, with over 30 years’ experience and over 2,000 presentations worldwide, will personally prepare and present his dynamic, motivating, and content rich seminars onsite at your location helping your audience to get more done in less time, and with less stress.

Don will also be available after the program via telephone to everyone who attends your On-Site seminar for individual coaching and consultation.

Programs can run from one hour to three full days, helping your staff to get more time and balance in their lives. Our seminars help reduce turnover, improve morale, and increase individual performance both on and off the job.

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3 Day Public Seminars

Time Management Seminar Information and Schedule

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Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to get more done, in less time, with less stress, to have more time and balance for their personal life. A seminar that truly has universal appeal!

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  • Time management seminars-work and life skills for increasing personal productivity now!
  • Leverage your time to increase your impact and make a difference
  • Learn new ways to get more done in less time, with less stress. Have more time for you!
  • “The best seminar I’ve ever attended.” “I’m sending my entire team.” “never had so much fun!”

What are your team’s productivity challenges?

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