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Lucky Sue

By: Dr. Donald E. Wetmore

Sue got her raise but it’s to her credit because she did get her promotion because she did get all of her work done on time because they gave her lots to do to help her to show off her “stuff” because she was not late yesterday because she stopped earlier for gas because she was not late coming home because she was working late but got home early because she came in early that morning because she ironed her blouse the night before even though she had plenty of other clothes to wear because she remembered to pick up her clothes from the cleaners on her way home the day before because she was not rushing to get to her softball game and she had time to stop and get air in her leaky tire because she reminded herself last weekend because she had time as she watched the game on Sunday because she liked talking about it on Monday and she would not feel uncomfortable because others missed the game or laugh at them because they didn’t know about it and that whole day she could get her tasks done at work because she felt satisfied from her weekend and she would not have to spend the whole day complaining to her co-workers asking them if she was really being treated unfairly by life because while she likes to please other people she knows she has to manage her life first because their opinions of what she should be doing are not nearly as important or as accurate as her own because she has the tools and techniques to better control and manage her time and life and while they are sometimes uncomfortable to use they help her to get done more of what is important in her life so she can serve others better even though it is so much easier to drift and spend the day responding rather than take the initiative and think, after all, “What would THEY say?” if she tried to achieve new goals that she never reached before because a lot of what Sue really wants is what she is entitled to and can qualify for because, like all of us, she has what it takes to succeed because while others get their lucky breaks in their lives and hit it just at the right time, so Sue gets her share of lucky breaks when she is prepared for them when they arrive because that’s what’s true for her family and always has been and always will be because, like all of us, she can change who she is and not let where she came from keep her from her current fair share of good luck and good fortune because she cannot just accept what life gives to her and ask for no more or believe that it is impolite and selfish to ask for what she desire because Sue already succeeded so many time times like when she went to her boss and asked for a raise and the boss said that, “You do qualify for a raise because you have shown me that you do understand that you have to do more now than what you are already being paid for to qualify for a raise. To ask for what you do deserve and for what you have earned is not to be selfish and impolite” and Sue liked what she heard and looked forward into her future to a time real soon when she would get yet another raise. And it happened. Why?

Sue got her raise but it’s to her credit because…

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